Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hell Trepanner - Entrance to Hell Demo Tape -out now-

Hell yes!
After an annoying delay, we finally can announce that the reissue of
Hell Trepanner - Entrance to Hell demo tapes are available! 
Skull crushing death/thrash!!! 
Check out the full demo >>>HERE<<< and you dont need any more discriptions!
 Your speakers will start a acoustical brawl, so raise up the volume!!!

If you want a copy write a mail to wh-records[at]gmx[dot]de or contact the band,
they should receive their copies soon...

New tapes:

Resonare - Immoralist MC
Corpsehammer - PosesiĆ³n MC
more soon...


Monday, August 21, 2017

Repugnizer - Face-Melting Apocalypse Demo MC --- out now ---

Are you ready for some good old death/grind

in the vein of your favorite late 80ies/ early 90ies rippers?

Than you should put your face into "REPUGNIZER - Face-Melting Apocalypse" demo cassette.

These french melters create an harsh sounds that will dash you 30 years back!!!

Tape can be purchased via "" or at the bands bandcamp page!

Also the first reviews have crawled through the surface already!

(you have to scroll down a bit)


New tapes arrived in here aswell:

Casket - Ghouls Of Filth Demo MC
Curse Eternal - Demo MC
Decitome - Death Is Called Ethos MC

Goreaphobia - Omen Of Masochism MC
Fabricant - Demo 2010 MC
Funeral Chant - When Death Is Coming Demo MC

Korpsesoturi - s/t Demo MC
Mabuse - Live Death MC
Mabuse - Nekromagik MC

Morbid Messiah - In The Name Of True Death Metal MC
Morbid Stench - The Stench Of Doom MC
Persecutory - Towards The Ultimate Extinction MC

Protector - Misanthrophy MC
Restos Humanos - Restos Humanos MC
Scythemaster - s/t Demo MC

Sewercide - Immortalized In Suffering MC
Skulls - Lie In Eternal Rot Demo MC
Ultra Silvam - s/t Demo MC
Undead - Redemption EP MC

more tapes shall be on the way...


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

CRYPTIC BROOD - Brain Eater MC --- out now --- // Distro update // MCF V // New release

Yes its true, it has been a while since the last sign of activity in here.
But fuck off, we come back even more repellent!
In fact with the debut full lenght "Brain Eater" of Wolfsburgs most fleshripping horde
Image a kettle full of seething, putresent smelling paste inside of a gloomy cave.
Surrounded by driving harsh tunes, something that should better be avoided but has a magnetic appeal on you, that magnetic that you can't resist to dunk your head inside.
Than you will explore the full spectrum of Cryptic Brood's doomed death metal that will lead its way through your body like a necrosis.
But afterwards you will wont miss that necrotic sounds anymore!!!

Get your necrosis in >>>here<<<

The tapes comes as always on pro-duplicated and and pro-printed cassette, with a 4 page fold out booklet on 4 different tape colours (yellow/black/purple/blue) and is limited to 166 copies.

Get your copy through WHR or at the band!!!


Following tapes are available now:

Illum Adora - Son Of Dawn MC
Infant Death - War MC (restock)
Kriegszittern/Minenfeld - Split MC
Minotaur Head - s/t MC
Hexecutor - Poison, Lust And Damnation MC
Sepulchral Curse - At The Onset Of Extinction MC
Wound - Engrained MC


Killer festival strikes back the 5th time and will open a path to damnation on the 1.+2.9.17 at Zukunft Berlin!!!

And to complete the news, we are currently also working on the next release that will be french death/grind band REPUGNIZER!!! So stay tuned...


Monday, February 20, 2017

SPEEDWHORE - On The Verge Of Dysfunction MC --- out now---

After their furious debut "The Future Is Now", munich based SPEEDWHORE finally strikes back in the form of a 20 minutes EP to celebrate the bands 10 years anniversary.

On the new EP "On The Verge Of Dysfunction" you'll find 7 tracks of blackened thrash metal that will smash your face constantly! Rounded down by a great "Dead City" cover of german thrash metal legends VIOLENT FORCE this ep will boil your tape deck!!!

"On The Verge Of Dysfunction" comes on pro-duplicated white/red/black tapes with golden pro-done print and is limited to 100copies. So be fast to save your copy! Tapes can be ordered through the band or via

Check the full EP >>>here<<<  


Friday, October 28, 2016

Morbid Panzer - Ony the total death 7" soon

Watch out there is some sick warmachine marching on!!!
MORBID PANZER - Only the total death 7"
will be released soonvia Into Dungeon Records!!!
It will appear on classical black wax in a number of 350 pieces, check out the first song: 

Distro update:

Crematory Stench - s/t MC


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We're got some new tapes for you:

Agonia(ita) - Servants - Comp. MC
Deform(usa) - Nefarious Impulses - Demo MC
Ekpyrosis(ita) - Witness His Death MC
Evil Priest(per) - s/t - Demo MC
God Disease - Rebirth Of Horror MC
Morbus Grave - Throne Of Disgust - Demo MC
Sonic Poison - Harsh Demonstration... MC


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New tapes...

Following are available from now:

Aircraft - Demo 2015 MC
Howls Of Ebb - Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows MC
Inhumanised -  Putrefaction into Absurdity MC
Into Coffin - Into A Pyramid Of Doom MC
Lord Rot - The Realm Of Decay MC
Obscure Evil - Midnight Forces Demo MC
Malicious(fin) - Black Fumes MC
Rapid - Deadly Torment Demo MC
Slaughterday - Laws Of The Occult MC

More tapes soon!