Monday, February 6, 2012


Don Weedo is glad to announce two new artists in the weed hunter records hammock!!!

The first one will be an official release of the debüt demo tape of LEGIO OCCULTA from Växjö/Sweden. This one man band founded by "Morbid Angelo",who is also activa as vocalizer and bass shriker at Entrails(Swe), delivers nothing than rotten metal to the death.
Will be released in the end of february/early march!!!
some acoustic  impressions:

The second one will be the debüt demo tape of the old schoolers WOUND from Wiesbaden out of ugly germoney. The band describes their music as a mixture of Entombed "Wolverine blues" with some crust influence which will also fit to the ears of the elk-killer maniacs.No more words need from my side!
Will be released in april/may!!!
here's a way to listen to them:

Keep your eyes and ears open!!!

Cheerz Don "doubleyou"

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