Sunday, July 22, 2012

Interview/Review/New Release/Distro Update

Ok lets take the motto of a well known czech festival in trutnov for real and break the silence,cause it sucks heavily. So here we go with some news:

First of all we got here a new review of the Wound - Confess To Filth - Demo MC which was made by Walter from the Metal Daze Mag this time in spanish, so I don't got a clue if it contains a positive or a negative feedback but as it deals with Wound Iam more than optimisic thats a good review. An interview with guitarrero Söre will follow soon.
And as the cherry on the cake WOUND is the band of the week at the Totgehört blog(ger).

Also we can announce that we release soon a new demo MC of a young but highly talented death metal band from berlin GROAN (consists of members from different grind/crust/death metal bands from and around berlin). Stay tuned for that release!!!

Last but not least we got some new stuff in the distro section,the following items will be available from now:

Cruel Force - The Rise Of Satanic Might LP
Sepulcral - Antropophagy Of Doom LP
Assumption - Mosaic Of The Distant Dominion MC
Nerlich - Innanrds MC
Skeletal Remains - Desolate Isolation - Demo MC
Wormridden - Infesting The Grave MC
Corpse Vomit - Drowning In Puke MC


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