Friday, October 26, 2012

Distro update

the following stuff you'll find as always in the distro area:

Bombs of Hades / Mordbrand - No Life - Split 10"

Undead Creep - The Ever-Burning Torch LP
Usurpress - Trenches Of The Netherworld LP

Eliminator - Krieg Thrash MC
Entrails - Reborn Demo MC
Herpes - Awaikening Of A Sleeping Madness Demo MC
Impureza - Inquisition Demos Compilation MC
Insane - Hollow Death Demo MC
Kathgor - The Lord Of Infernal Blasphemy Demo MC
Mystified - Fuzz Forever MC
Necros / Abnorm Split MC
Sküll - Demo MC (re-stock)
Sombre Présage - Intégrisme MC
Witchaven - Terrorstorm MC
Writhing / Ad Patres - Split MC

Cheerz ...

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