Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BEGRAVEN live @ "Grind The Nazi Scum Festival" + show announcement + distro update

2 weeks ago at the great "Grind the nazi scum festival" in Torgau, BEGRAVEN(berlin) were more than close to tear down the venue with their death metal devastation. If you want to get an impression of the show, here's your chance. The perfomed song "Deprivation" will be one of the songs that will end up on the demo MC (comes via Weed Hunter Records in some month).
Now its time to make oneself comfortable and enjoy!!!

For those of you which are out of the area Berlin and suburbs(of course its not limited to those) don't forget the show on the 7.7.13 @ the Koma-F in the Köpi basement. Even if you just returned from the "Obscene Extreme Festival" in Trutnov then, thats the chance to come down with some doomed out death tunes and for sure a cold beer(ore more):

See you there!!!

Distro update:

Mold - Cremated Alive - Demo MC
Necrot - s/t - Demo MC
Reactory - Killed By Thrash LP
Undergang - Indhentet Af Døden MC
Undergang - Til Døden Os Skiller MC

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