Monday, January 13, 2014

New year, new releases, new delay, new video

Lets start with the bad news, the demo MC of BEGRAVEN will be delayed (again) and not released in january but we're sure the masering can't take much longer so the tape should be available somewhen during febraur.

The UNDEAD CREEP / BOMBS OF HADES split was cancelled but we got a great offer from David(Undead Creep/Haemophagus/Morbo...) to release the upcoming second full lenght by italian death/grind necros HAEMOPHAGUS. "Atrocious" will be released on tape. More infos coming soon.

And if that wouldn't be enough we have two more releases that will see the dark of night during februar. We will re-release the fast sold out demo 2013 MC of belgian death metal horde BONES. So if you weren't able able to catch a copy of the self released tapes by the band or the repress by indonesian label Morbid Bastard Records, thats your chance. The Weed Hunter records issue comes with a different cover colour and pro-printed on tape.

Last release to announce for now will be the "Undead Savior" demo of (at the moment) austria based EXIT HUMANITY. After quitting the strings at HARM Stephan wasn't able to keep the hands quiet and started a new band in austia. The style of music? DEATH METAL is the mighty answer. Tape will be released during februar so stay tuned for more infos...

Berlin thrasheads REACTORY are on the final run to their upcoming debut "High On Radiation" and as a big appitizer they did an official video clip of  the song "Shell Shock", open a beer and enjoy:

Distro update:

Blood Mortized - The Key To A Black Heart LP
Escarnium - Excruciating Existence LP -restock-

Gravehill - When All Roads Lead To Hell LP
Mordbrand - Necropsychotic LP
Zombiefication - Midnight Stench LP


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