Sunday, April 20, 2014

BEGRAVEN - Demo MMXIV --- out now---

Yes it's true! It really happend, the BEGRAVEN - Demo MMXIV is finally available! After several delays it proved that the local gravedigger was obsessed of the idea to own the whole amount of tapes for himself. So we had to took the tapes out of his dirty and morbid hovil on the cemetery and now we can finally offer this great piece of death metal to you!

Expect 5 songs of classic death metal that will hit you like a falling tombstone. Within these 21minutes it can happen that you feel like drowning in cold earth, in this case you should maximum the volume and open a beer!!! The demo comes on pro-printed red cassette with pro-done inlay and a sticker. You can purchase a tape through wh-records(at)gmx(dot)de or via the band. 

This time we also offer a special bundle which contains the demo MC and a four coloured bandshirt. Take a look:

Shirts are available in size XL + L + M + S and girlie shirts in size M + S

And if you're up for some nice open air feast, you should check out the HEAVY VEDDEL in Hamburg, great line up for an even better price!
                                                   See you there!!!

Distro update:

Triumphant - Herald The Unsung MC


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