Friday, April 11, 2014

new EXIT HUMANITY track + distro update

Promptly in front of the weekend you can listen to another song of EXIT HUMANITY's first demo "Undead Savior", this time Stefan offered the second track from the tape "If Humanity Dies".

Check it out rotten freaks !!!

Distro update:

Blackwhole - Another Starless Night / Spees Graben comp. MC
Deadinside - That Life Is Our Worst Enemy MC
Devilspit - Devilspit Demo MC
Druidus - Bestial Crust Demo MC
Dwell - Ash Tombs Demo MC
Saattoväki - Cryptborn Creation Demo MC
Silver Key - V/A MC
Strange Facts in the Scalpel Case - Dead, But Not Beyond Reach comp. MC
Throaat - Puke On Your Grave Demo MC
Würms Tongue - Fungi from Yuggoth Demo MC

Hin Hale - Beyond 7"


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