Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Release update + Reviews + Interviews + Distro update

After a couple of delays and a forever taking printing process, the HAEMOPHAGUS - "Atrocious" MC will be finally available from the first of september.
The LEGIO OCCULTA - "The Cross Turned Upside Down" demo MC should also be available in the begin of september, so stay tuned.

Even if the BEGRAVEN and the BONES tapes are completely sold out and the last handful of EXIT HUMANITY tape will be aswell soon, we got some great re- and interviews from "Necroslaughter"(cheerz and hails to Chris), "Totgehört", "Stormbringer" and "Voices From The Dark Side" online mags. Here we go:

BEGRAVEN: Interview

EXIT HUMANITY: Review + Review + Review + Review + Interview

BONES: Review

Distro update:

Asphyxia - Conflagration Demo MC
Atavisma - Where Wolves Once Dwelled Demo MC
Black Force / Fröst Rot - Dungeons Of Depravity - Split MC
Insulters - We Are The Plague MC
Lam - Mortichnium MC
Rude - Soul Recall MC
Slaughterday - Ravenous MC

Bode Preto - Inverted Blood LP


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