Wednesday, September 3, 2014

HAEMOPHAGUS - Atrocious MC --- OUT NOW ---

It felt like it tooks forever this time, but we can finally announce that the tape version of the latest HAEMOPHAGUS full lenght "Atrocious" is available.

Razorback Records, which released the CD version of this album described it that way:

"The 2nd full-length album from Italy's best ultra splatter-death/grind horror gore metal band! This 13 song monstrosity features some of the catchiest riffs and song writing, deranged ravenous vocals, a battery assault of drumming, and a great mixture of all true metal styles. "Atrocious" is THE Death/Grind album that gorehounds have been starving for! HAEMOPHAGUS has been around for almost 10 years now, having released a ton of EP's and playing tons of shows all over Europe. A new personal standard has been set by the band on this new album. Try to imagine a mix of REPULSION, TERRORIZER, early-CARCASS, along with early-SLAYER, VOIVOD, and DECEASED! There is truly no band around today that sounds like HAEMOPHAGUS!"

This hits the nail on the head so there are no more words needed to describe what you can expect of this great album! But here comes two songs you can check out to convince oneself from that what was written:

"HAEMOPHAGUS - Atrocious" + "HAEMOPHAGUS - Partying At The Grave"

Pro-done yellow tape version is limited to 166 copies with pro-done inlay and can be ordered from now via "wh-records(at)gmx(dot)de"


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