Monday, September 22, 2014

LEGIO OCCULTA - The Cross Turned Upside Down MC --- OUT NOW ---

After some years of silence we had the great offer to re-release the second demo of rotting death metal act that dwells within Morbid Angelo. LEGIO OCCULTA's "The Cross Turned Upside Down" was actually released in 2011 on home dubbed audio cassettes. If you didn't manage to get a copy of that issue, you can purchase the tape from today, on pro-done yellow tape and pro-done J-card.

Next to the original 7 tracks, this edition contains with "The Head That Wasn't There" a bonus track, that smoothly intergrates to the rough atmosphere on the demo. Expect raw death metal with a slight punk note.

Sound examples: "Born Rotten, Dead At Last" + "The Cross Turned Upside Down"

Get your copy under: wh-records(at)gmx(dot)de

Distro update:

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