Thursday, December 18, 2014

GOUGE - Doomed To Death MC + TYRANOS - The Epitome Ov Blasphemy MC release date + Reviews + Distro update

Close to the end of 2014, we'll attack your cassette tape recorders once again! So prepare for the next two releases that will be unleashed upon you on the 22th of december:

Cologne based TYRANOS will rip you apart with their second demo "The Epitome Ov Blasphemy". On this tape you'll get 4 blackened/thrash metal songs that increase an unholy powerful aura of which even the cologne cathedral chruch will try to hide. Good luck with that,hah!
Check out the first song of the demo "Epitome Ov Blasphemy".

Out of Oslo's sheer insanity spitting fountain Kolbotn, GOUGE released already in 2012 the "Doomed To Death" 7" that contains 4 rotting death metal tracks. Imagine a waste filled backyard where an abrasive block is in a brawl with a chainsaw and a bloodsoaked maniac is screaming as rough as the winterwinds from the north.
Nah, get a grip on yourself "Doomed To Death".

Both tape releases will be available in a quantity of 166 each on pro done tapes!

We also received some reviews on german from the last two realeases, thanks to Necroslaughter and Totgehƶrt !!!

Haemophagus: Necroreview + Totreview

Legio Occulta: Necroreview + Totreview

Distro update:

Amelus - Demo 2013 MC
Deprive - s/t MC
Desaster - Divine Blasphemy MC
Deserted Fear - Kingdom of works MC
Riverge - Back'Th'Rash MC

Lacaida - Muerto En Vida 7"

Horrible Eyes Mag #4


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