Friday, December 26, 2014

Gouge - Doomed To Death MC + Tyranos - The Epitome Of Blasphemy MC finally available

As already mentioned some days before, we can finally annouce and show some pics of the latest WHR releases.

We're absolutely satisfied with the result! But enough now check the pics below:

GOUGE - Doomed To Death MC

TYRANOS - The Epitome Ov Blasphemy Demo MC

Tapes can be ordered as always via wh-records[at]gmxDOTde Trades are also welcome but drop a mail before.

Keep also your ears and eyes open for the last release for this year, we count that the SPACE CHASER - Decapitron tape will arrives in here by each day from now. So stay tuned...

Distro update:

Arkaik Excruciation - Among the Vortex of Chaos - Demo MC
Black Coma - My Filthy Ashes - Demo MC
Crucifire / Nocturnal Vomit - Vomiting Blasphemies upon... - Split MC
Metastasis - The Blackened Essence - Demo MC


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