Sunday, July 5, 2015

Morbid Panzer reviews + Distro update

Morbid Panzer has been choosen as "Band of the Week" by Fenriz which is just awesome!!! And so are the reviews we got back already by the following online Mags:

"Voices From The Dark Side" - Review

"Necroslaughter" - Review

"Totgehƶrt" - Review

Press quotes could be rarely better for the first demo! Tape are going fast and there just a handfull left, so get it now or never.

Distro update:

Hands Of Orlac - Figli Del Crepuscolo MC
Hands Of Orlac - s/t MC
Necrodeath - The Shining Pentagram MC -restock-
Necromutilator - The Devil Arisen Demo MC
Putrid Evil - Massgrave Overtortures Demo MC

More tapes are stuck in the post strike, lets see when they'll finally arrive...


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