Monday, October 5, 2015

CRYPTIC BROOD - Wormhead MC --- out now ---

The brood strikes back!!!
Finally we can announce that CRYPTIC BROOD's latest EP "Wormhead" is available on tape.

Expect vicious death metal with a hammering doom influence. On that EP you'll hear 3 new compositions that will put a disgusting smile in your face and make your neck hurt automatically.
As if this weren't enough "Wormhead" contains an awesome cover from SUFFOCATIONS "Infecting the Crypts" played in a very special way and turned into a baleful six and a half minute monster.

Check it out!!!

The tape comes on pro-done blue cassette with silver print, pro-done J-card and a download code and is limited to 166 handnumbered copies.

Get your copy now via "" or contact the band.

Full EP can be heared >>>here<<<

Next release will be the CRYPTIC REALMS - "Eve Of Fatality" Demo MC should be available in 1-2 weeks.


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