Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cryptic Realms - Eve Of Fatality Demo MC --- out now ---

The time has finally come to announce that the CRYPTIC REALMS demo "Eve Of Fatality" is finally available through Weed Hunter Records.

This international death horde (located in Greece, Mexico, Brazil and the USA and active in various bands there) is menacing the global tape decks with four tracks of classic death metal. The path of death they choosed should be obvious if you rember their name. 

So treat your tape deck well, it will have a lot of work in the next time...

The tape comes on pro-done black cassette with silver print, pro-done J-card and is limited to 166 handnumbered copies.

Get your copy now via "" or contact the band.

Sound examples of the demo can be heared >>>here<<<


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