Tuesday, March 29, 2016

GONE - Ancient Tales MC ---out now ---

Finally we can announce the next tape crime via WHR,
this time we averted a great piece of doom on tape.
The quartet GONE conjure their crushing EP "Ancient Tales" under the grey sky of Oldenburg. This ancient doom metal will ooze in every single pore of your body and will make it melt slowly!

Check the full EP <<<here>>>

The tapes are like always pro-printed with a pro-done Jcard on blue shell and are limited to 100x pieces. Crowned with an awesome artwork by Tom Horrified.

If you want a copy drop us a line at wh-records[AT]gmxDOTde or contact the band!

Doom on!!!

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  1. German Review for this MC can be found here!! http://totgehoert.blogspot.de/2016/04/tape-gehort-gone-ancient-tales.html