Monday, February 20, 2017

SPEEDWHORE - On The Verge Of Dysfunction MC --- out now---

After their furious debut "The Future Is Now", munich based SPEEDWHORE finally strikes back in the form of a 20 minutes EP to celebrate the bands 10 years anniversary.

On the new EP "On The Verge Of Dysfunction" you'll find 7 tracks of blackened thrash metal that will smash your face constantly! Rounded down by a great "Dead City" cover of german thrash metal legends VIOLENT FORCE this ep will boil your tape deck!!!

"On The Verge Of Dysfunction" comes on pro-duplicated white/red/black tapes with golden pro-done print and is limited to 100copies. So be fast to save your copy! Tapes can be ordered through the band or via

Check the full EP >>>here<<<  


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