Monday, August 21, 2017

Repugnizer - Face-Melting Apocalypse Demo MC --- out now ---

Are you ready for some good old death/grind

in the vein of your favorite late 80ies/ early 90ies rippers?

Than you should put your face into "REPUGNIZER - Face-Melting Apocalypse" demo cassette.

These french melters create an harsh sounds that will dash you 30 years back!!!

Tape can be purchased via "" or at the bands bandcamp page!

Also the first reviews have crawled through the surface already!

(you have to scroll down a bit)


New tapes arrived in here aswell:

Casket - Ghouls Of Filth Demo MC
Curse Eternal - Demo MC
Decitome - Death Is Called Ethos MC

Goreaphobia - Omen Of Masochism MC
Fabricant - Demo 2010 MC
Funeral Chant - When Death Is Coming Demo MC

Korpsesoturi - s/t Demo MC
Mabuse - Live Death MC
Mabuse - Nekromagik MC

Morbid Messiah - In The Name Of True Death Metal MC
Morbid Stench - The Stench Of Doom MC
Persecutory - Towards The Ultimate Extinction MC

Protector - Misanthrophy MC
Restos Humanos - Restos Humanos MC
Scythemaster - s/t Demo MC

Sewercide - Immortalized In Suffering MC
Skulls - Lie In Eternal Rot Demo MC
Ultra Silvam - s/t Demo MC
Undead - Redemption EP MC

more tapes shall be on the way...



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