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Weed Hunter Records releases:

Skincrawler - Lair Of The Foul LP 10€   --- last copies available ---
Reactory - Demo MC  --- sold out ---
Reactory - Killed by thrash MC --- sold out ---

Legio Occulta - Slime Crawler - Demo MC
--- sold out ---
Wound - Confess To Filth - Demo MC --- sold out ---
Wound - Inhale The Void LP regular black --- sold out ---
                                            lim. blue + woven patch --- sold out ---

Bones - Demo 2013 MC  --- sold out ---
Exit Humanity - Undead Savior - Demo MC --- sold out ---

Begraven - Demo MMXIV MC --- sold out ---
Haemophagus - Atrocious MC 4€ --- sold out --- Legio Occulta - The Cross Turned Upside Down MC --- sold out ---
Tyranos - The Epitome Ov Blasphemy - Demo MC --- sold out ---
Gouge - Doomed To Death MC --- sold out ---               

Space Chaser - Decapitron MC 4€ --- available ---
Morbid Panzer - Demo MMXV regular --- sold out ---
                                                   FOADition --- sold out ---

Cryptic Brood - Wormhead MC 4€ --- sold out ---
Cryptic Realms - Eve Of Fatality Demo MC 4€ --- last copies---

Speedwhore - The Future Is Now MC 4€ --- sold out ---
Gone - Ancient Tales MC 4€ --- sold out ---
Carnal Tomb - Rotten Remains MC 4€ --- sold out ---
Speedwhore - On The Verge Of Dysfuntion MC --- sold out ---
Cryptic Brood - Wormhead --- available ---
Repugnizer - Face-Melting Apocalypse Demo MC
--- available ---


Amarok / Enth - Split 11€
(doom/sluge from the states meets sluge with a slice funeral doom from poland)

Amarok / Pyramido - Split 11€
(doom/sludge from the states and sweden)

Anaeroba - Over The Walls And Borders 11€
(d-beat massacre from slovenia, gatefold dark red/black marbled vinyl)

Arkhamin Kirjasto - Torches Ablaze 12€
(heavy death metal from finland)

Barbarian - s/t 12€
(celtic hammer from italy,recommended highly!!!

Bode Preto - Inverted Blood 12€

(classic south american death metal intenseness from brazil)

Blood Mortized - The Key To A Black Heart 10€

(swedish death metal, gatefold, price reduced, due bend corners)

Bothers - No Way Out 10€
(thrash metal from italy)

Bunker 66 / Barbarian - Split 12€
(blackened thrash metal split, both from italy)

Buried God - Dark Revelation 10€

(thrash metal from germoney)

Casket - Undead Soil 12€
(newest longplayer of these old death metal band germoney)

Casket - Upright Decay 12€
(second full lenght)

Consume - s/t 10€
(cult hc/punk from the states,great compilation!!!)

Deathhammer/Nosferatu - Split 12€
(old school thrash from norway meets traditional heavy metal from brazil)

Decent To Hell - Our Cross To Bear 10€
members of "Fleas And Lice" and "Makiladoras playing metal influenced crust the rusty way)

Deny The Urge - In Consequence 11€
(technical death metal from germoney,white vinyl)

Dephosphorus - Axiom 10€

( "astrogrind" from greece)

Dirges - Altares De Sacrificio 12€
(2nd full lenght from those columbian thrashers)

Entrails - The Tomb Awaits 12€
(second old school attack from the north,great!)

Escarnium - Excruciating Existence 12€
(brazilian death metal horde, great debut!!!)

Evocation - Apocalyptic 12€
(3rd full lenght of those old school death metal veterans from sweden)

Excruciating Terror - Expression Of Pain 10€
(cult album of these grinders from the states)

Fredag den 13:e - Under Askallar Fanor 10€
(swedish d-beat terror)

Funerus - Reduced To Slugde 12€
(massive death metal from the states)

Gravenhill - When All Roads Lead To Hell 10€

(death metal with black and thrash inflences from the states, price reduced due to a bend corner)

Gumo Maniacs - Psycho Mania 10€
(great catchy thrash metal from germoney, blue/red marbled vinyl)

Hellbastard - Heading For Internal Darkness 12€
(cult album by those crusties from uk)

Hellshock - Shadows Of The Afterworld 11€
(metal/crust from the states 2nd full lenght gatefold)

Hell United - Aura Damage 12€
(second full lenght, blackend death from poland)

Icon Of Evil/The Bald And The Beautiful - Split 10€

(death metal/crust from Poland meets heavy raging hardcore also from poland)

Infinite Translation - Impulsive Attack 12€
(thrash attack from france)

Instinct of Survival - North Of Nowhere… 10€
(great metal/crust from hamburg,gatefold !!!up the beers!!!)

Keitzer - As The World Burns 10€
(heavy grind/death from germoney

Malignant Tumour - Overdose & Overdrive 12€
(insanity from czech)

Massive Assault - Dystopian Prophecies 12€
(old school death metal from the netherlands junge!!!)

Mordbrand - Necropsychotic 10€

(swedish badass death metal, price reduced due to a bend corner)

Nocturnal Vomit - Cursed Relics 12€
(amazing debut, death metal the great way from greece)

Necromessiah - Antiklerikal Terroristik Death Squat 14€
(black/thrash from the states,more than gatefold)

Obscure Infinity - Dawn Of Winter 12€
(old school death metal from germoney

Paroxsihzem - s/t 12€
(canadian black/death, debut)

Pesticide/Acid Speech - Corrosive Warfare - Split 10€
( thrash/death metal vs. thrash metal both from brazil)

Purgatory - Cultus Luciferi, The Splendour Of Chaos 12€
(death metal from germoney)

Puteraeon - Cult Cthulhu 12€
(jävla döds metal from sweden, second full lenght)

Puteraeon - The Esoteric Order 12€

(first full lenght by these swedish deathers)

Reactory - Killed By Thrash 10€
great harsh thrash metal the teutonic way!!!)

Resistance - Bang Your Fucking Skull 12€
(heavy/thrash metal from france with a great manilla road cover)

Resurgency - False Enlightenment 12€
(greek death metal)

Revolting - In Grisly Rapture 12€
(catchy death metal from döds-country)

Riotor - Beast Of Riot 12€
(aggressive death/thrash from canada)

Scepter - Fucking Metal Motherfuckers 11€
(thrash metal from the states)

Sepulcral - Antropophagy Of Doom 12€
(death/doom debüt of this italian morbids,recommended!)

Serpent Noir - Sangius XI 12" 11€
(greek black metal)

Shackles - Traitors Gate 14€
(death/thrash from the states)

Shadow Of The Torturer - Marchin Into Chaos 12€
(doom with drone/slugde and death metal influences, from the states)

Skincrawler - Lair Of The Foul 10€
(pure hellhammer whorship from texas!!!)

Sodb -
Don Seantalemh A Chuid Féin 12€
(black metal from ireland)

Starve - Wasteland 11€
(sludge/doom from the netherlands)

Suicidal Winds - Chaos Rising 12€
(black/thrash monster from sweden)

Tangorodrim - Unholy And Unlimited 12€
(filthy and raw black metal attack from israel)

Transatlantic Rat's Atom / BirdEye - Split 11€
(psychedelic doom metal meets ambient doom)

Ufo Gestapo - Grandemissair 11€
(slude/stoner weirdos from france)

Union Of Sleep - Death In The Place Of Rebirth 10€
(stoner/doom metal from germoney, 2nd full lenght)

Union Of Sleep - st 10€
(1st full lenght from those stone/doomers out of germoney)

V/A Clone - Play Slow, Die Fast Compilation - LP volume II 10€
(compilation of sludge/doom bands which covers their favorite songs, here this bands:Moloch, On Pain of Death, Golden Gorilla, Aguirre, Loss, Thou, Shadow of the Torturer, Hey Collossus)

V/A Clone - Play Slow, Die Fast Compilation volume III 10€
compilation of sludge/doom bands which covers their favorite songs, here this bands:Fistula, Bad Luck Rides On Wheels, Whitehorse, Su19B, Crowskin, Sollubi, Habsyll, Solar Horn)

Victimizer - Resurrected Abominations 12€
(thrash metal from denmark)

Vindicator - There Will Be Blood 12€
(rushing thrash metal from the states)

Visions Of War - Shit Parade 10€
(raw crust from belgium)

Wreck of the Hesperus - Light Rotting Out 11€
(sludged out funeral doom from ireland)

Zombiefication - Midnight Stench 10€
(classic death metal from mexico, gatefold + bonus track, price reduced due to bend corner)


Bitterness - As All Beauty Starts To Fade 6€
(melodic black/death from germoney,purple vinyl)

Corrosive/Life Ends - Fallen lassen in ein ödes Leiden - Split 6€
(grindcore vs. powerviolence both from germoney)

Purgatory/Polymorph - Hells Bastards - Split 8€
(2 times straight death metal from germoney)

Throneum - The Unholy Ones 8€
(harsh black/death metal from poland)


Crucifier / Hate your Fate - Split 4€
(great thrash metal from greece vs. thrash/crossover from brazil)

Demonic Cremator - My Dying Breath… 4€
(damn great black metal from the uk)

Front Beast / Ruins - Split 4€
(black metal vs. black/thrash metal both from germoney)

Front Beast / Thy Ashes - Die Under The Red Moon/The Sorcery’s Pact - Split 4€
(2x black metal from germoney)

Hin Håle - Beyond 5€
(reissue of their incredible demo, this this time on black wax!!!)

Lacaida De La Civilisation - Muerto En Vida 4€
(metal/punk from mexico)

Morbid Macabre - Nails Of Lust 4€
(black/death from columbia)


Morbo - Eternal City Of The Dead 4€
(7" version of the demo, death metal from spain)

Peacebastard - s/t 4€
(d-beat crustards out of the catacombs of berlin)

Propagator - s/t 4€
(thrah metal from Quebec/Canada)

Sturzflug / Operation Gomorrha - Split 3,5€
(hc/punk vs. metal/crust attack both from germoney)

Voodooshock - T
he Golden Beauty/Live For The Moment 4,5€
(doom metal from germoney)


Abjvration - The Unquenchable Pyre 5€
(death/doom from france)

Amelus - Demo 2013 4€
(australian death metal)

Arkaik Excruciation - Among the Vortex of Chaos - Demo 5€
(death/thrash from spain)

Asphyxia - Conflagration - Demo 5€

(rerelease from their awesome `90 demo)

Atavisma - Where Wolves Once Dwelled - Demo 4€
(death/doom from france)

Battery - Nuke - Demo 4€
(great thrash metal from denmark)

Battery - Mental Pollution 4€
(MC version of their new EP, killer thrash!!!)

Black Feast - Worship Of Darkness - Demo
(blackened death metal from finnland)

Black Force - Spirit Of Ancient Writtings 4€

(german black/thrash, first full lenght)

Black Pocket Lice - Paradise In Blood 4€
(death metal from poland)

Black Serpent - Nightside Cosmology 4€
(occult death/black metal from kangaroo country)

Black Oath - Ov Qliphoth And Darkness 5€
(italian doom, tape version of their 3rd full lenght)

Blackwhole - Another Starless Night / Spees Graben comp. 4€
(blackened death/doom from germany, features the demo and the split with Warhammer)

Blaze Of Perdition - Near Death Revelations 5€
(black metal from poland, tape version of their 3rd full lenght)

Blood Patrol - Demo 4€
(thrash metal from germoney)


Bloodthirst - Chalice Of Contempt 5€
(thrash metal from poland, 3rd album)

Bonebreaker - Heavy Metal Attack/Warriors Of The Night - Demo 4€
(80ies style old school thrash metal from brazil)

Burial Invocation -
Rituals Of The Groteque 4€
(tape version of those death metal monster from turkey)

Casket - Meant To Be Dead - Demo '96 4€
(death metal from germoney)

Children Of Technology - Future Decay 5
(latest full lenght of those speedo punks from italy)

Considered Dead - Mentally Tortured - Demo 5€

(classic death metal from brazil, first demo, with Violator members)

Crucifire / Nocturnal Vomit - Vomiting Blasphemies upon the Mass Graves of Jehovahs Worshippers - Split 5€
(death metal sp(l)it, australia meets greece)

Dawnrider - The Third Crusade 5€
(great doom metal from portugal, 3rd album)

Deadinside - That Life Is Our Worst Enemy 4€
(freshest EP on tape by those chilean death metal quintet)

Death Stike - Fuckin' Death 5€
(no words needed)

Deprive - s/t 4€
(death/doom from spain, comp. of the first 2 demos)

Deserted Fear - Kingdom of works 4€
(tape version of the 2nd full lenght)

Devilspit - Grim, Hateful And Drunk - Demo 5€
(2nd demo of this french maniac, great stuff!!!) 

Dusk - Pure And Obscure - Demo 5€
(re-issue on tape, french death metal from '94)

Draug - Draug - Demo 4€
(death metal from the states)

Druidus - Bestial Crust - Demo 4€

(black/death from canada)

Dwell - Ash Tombs Demo 4€
(doom/death metal from denmark)

Evil Madness - Bastards Get Rotten 4€
(furious chilean thrash metal, 2nd full lenght)

Eliminator - Krieg Thrash 4€
(thrash metal from germoney,tape version of their debut full lenght)

Engulfed - Through The Eternal Damnation 5€
(death metal from turkey, post Burial Invocation)

Evil Spells - A Path To The Void - Demo 4€
(french death metal, first demo)

Filtheater - “Tenebrae” 4€
(death metal from the states)

Forced Kill - Armed To The Death 4€
(thrash metal from finnland, compilation of the earlier released demos "Speeding Death Velocity" and "Invasion Of Steel")

Funest - s/t - Demo 5€
(death metal from italy, first demo)

Hatred Embraced - Suffering Of The Holy - Demo 4€
(20min of death / thrashing madness from the states)

Hellripper - The Manifestation Of Evil 5€
(black/speed from the states, first EP, comes with patch)

Horrid - Unreleased Promo '93 5€
(the title says it, death metal from italy)

Impuration - Sanctities We Raped 5€
(those turkish guys deliver death/black/thrash metal, first EP) 

Impureza - Inquisition Demos - Demo Compilation 4€
(death metal from france with spanish lyrics)

Inexorable - Sea Of Dead Consciousness 4€
(latest EP of those german deathers)

Insane - Hollow Death - Demo 5€
(great thrash metal from sweden,second demo)

Iron Kobra - Might & Magic 5€
(german heavy metal, tape version of the 2nd longplayer, comes with big pin and sticker)

Jet Jaguar - Call Of The Fight - Demo 5€
(first demo of this heavy/speeders from mexico)

JT Ripper - Depraved Echoes And Terrifying Horrors 4€
(speed/thrash from saxonia, first full lenght)

Kathgor - The Lord Of Infernal Blasphemy - Demo 4,5€
(harsh death metal from malaysia)

Krossburst - Speed Metal Chaos Legions MC 5€
(blackened speed attack from italy)

Lucifericon - The Occult Waters 5€

(death metal from the netherlands, tape version of their 2012 EP)

Lung Molde - s/t 5€
(doom/sludge from the states)

Metastasis - The Blackened Essence - Demo 5€
(chilean thrashers with their latest demo)

Mosh Angel - In The Sign Of Mosh Angel - Demo 5€
(thrashed out speed metal from finnland)

Mystified - Fuzz Forever 3€
(ambient/drone from nowhere)

Nameless Tomb / Demonomancer - Abhorer Copulae Decimator - Split 4€
(black/death from germany meets black/death from
El Salvador)

Necros / Abnorm - Split 4€
(death metal(Necros) and black/death metal(Abnorm),both from france)

Nerlich - Innards 4€
(MC version of the EP,finnish death metal madness)

Obscure Infinity - Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness 4€
(tape version of their 3rd longplayer)

Obscyria - Nefaious Sanctuary 5€
(swedish death/thrash, first full lenght)

Pandemic Genocide - Invincible 4€

(death metal from poland)

Perpetratör - Thermonuclear Epiphany 5€

(nuclear thrash metal strike, from this portuguese dudes)

Perversifier - Perverting The Masses 4€
(french black/thrash, tape version of their debut)

Phantasmal - The Reapers Forge - Demo 5€
(black/thrash from the states, first demo, comes with patch)

Poisoned - Rising From Darkness 4€
(death/thrash metal from poland)

Putrid Yell - When Life Has Ceased - Demo 5€
(chilean death metal, 2nd demo)

Reactory - High On Radiation 5€
(berlin nuclear thrashers with their highly expected first full lenght, comes with pin and A3 poster)

Reincarnage - Black Visions - Demo 5€
(great death/thrash from sweden, 2nd demo tape,comes with pin

Respawn The Plague - Gathering Of The Unholy Ones 5€
(greek death metal)

Rest In Peace - Exhumed - Comp. 4€
(thrash metal from germoney, included the '88 demo "Frighning Visions" and a live gig in Marl '87)

Riverge - Back'Th'Rash 5€
(thrash metal from japan)

Rude - Soul Recall 4€
(death metal from the states, tape version of their debut)

Sanctifying Ritual - Sadistic Remains 4€
(compilation of both demos)

Scaremaker - Burning Inquisition - Demo 5€
(death metal influenced black/thrash from the staates)

Silver Key - V/A "Through The Gate Of The Silver Key" Comp. 4€
(a sick journey through the danish metal underground, contributed bands shown here)

Slaughterday - Ravenous 4€

(classic death metal from germoney, tape version of their freshest EP)

Sombre Présage - Intégrisme 4€
(a mix of b
lack metal/dark ambient and drone from france)

Soulrot - Horrors From Beyond - Demo 4€
(first demo by those chilean death maniacs)

Stallion - Rise And Ride 5€
(first full lenght on tape)

Stav - Meditate To Kill 5€
(french black metal, debut full lenght)

Strange Facts in the Scalpel Case - Dead, But Not Beyond Reach Comp. 4€
(belgian death metal, compilation of their "Monolith" single and "Unearthed" demo + 2 live tracks)

Strychnos - Undead Unsouls Unbound 4€
(black/death from denmark)

Trepanation - Meticulous Evisceration - Demo 4€
(death metal from the states, first demo)

Tribal Convictions Mag V/A Compilation 4€
(compilation of 14 black/death/thash metal bands, mostly taken out of the vital polish metal scene, full list here)

Tyfon's Doom - Demo '15 5€
(french heavy metal, first demo)

Winds Of Genocide - Apocalyptic Death Crust - Demo 5€
(the title of the demo says everything, great stuff from the U.K.)

Writhing / Ad Patres - Split 4€
(death/thrash (Writhing) and death metal (Ad Patres) from the states and france)

Witchburner - Blasphemic Assault 5€

(teutonic thrash, 2nd full lenght)

Witchtrap - Dark Millenium 4€
(columbian black/thrash, latest EP on tape)

Witchtower - s/t 5€
(spanish heavy metal, first full lenght)

Witchvomit - s/t Demo 5€
(swedish black metal, 2nd demo)


Campaign for musical destruction # 16

( interviews: Mandatory, Chaosreign, Bangsat... german/english)

Chaos Mag. XV 5€
(interviews: Seance, Sinister, Vader, Unanimated, Evocation, Book Of Black Earth... english)

Iron Hammer #3 3€
(interviews: Death Invoker,Children of Technology... english

Horrible Eyes Mag #4
(awesome mag with great layout, reviews, interviews: Adorior, Mortem, Aghori, Necrosanct,
Repugnant, Funebrarum, Eidomantum, Embalmed Souls, Reverend Bizarre,
The Ruins Of Beverast, Bunkur, Saturnalia Temple, The Wounded Kings,
Kathaaria, Vulcano, Crucifire, Demonic Rage, Portal, Vektor, Necros
Christos, Unearthly Trance, The One, Mayhem, Fleshpress, Kaamos, Grave
Miasma, Nirvana 2002, Nuclear Death, Ascension, Kill, Stench Of Decay,
Mercyful Fate, Excoriate, Xibalbá, Dead Congregation etc.)